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6029 Bristol Pkwy , CA 90230
Enplug is a Los Angeles enterprise technology company. Enplug's SaaS product enables companies to turn digital displays into interactive social media walls, game portals, jukeboxes, menuboards, digital directories, and more. To start, businesses download Enplug's software onto their media player or use a plug-and-play device that's pre-installed with Enplug's software platform. Enplug's open platform evolves today's digital displays from one-way communication channels into interactive two-way media channels. Easily create, upload, and manage all content on Enplug's web portal. Enplug's App Market enables businesses to choose from a variety of apps to customize their digital display. 

Enplug is used by Porsche, Radisson Hotel, and hundreds of other businesses. Enplug has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc., Fast Co., LA Business Journal, TechCrunch, and Fox News. 

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